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  • A Call for More Than a Thousand Sermons in Solidarity
    with the Youth Awakening a Nation to Climate Action

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In a landmark case called Juliana v. U.S., twenty-one courageous youth have filed a lawsuit against the United States government for its role in causing climate change and violating their rights to life, liberty, and property, while also failing to protect essential public resources. The youth range in age from 10 to 21, and their voices provoke a moment of moral reckoning for our nation. Their day in court is coming, and now is the time for people of faith and conscience to speak out in solidarity.

Learn more about the lawsuit being brought through the dedicated work of Our Children’s Trust.

A Call for Sermons from Adults and Youth of All Faiths

The damage done to our climate is an issue of justice that particularly impacts the young who are now inheriting our world. Actions taken today significantly impact their present and future. With more than a thousand sermons on this critical issue of our time, the ripple effect upon faith communities and the broader world will be indelible and far-reaching. Moreover, it will be a collective statement that sends a signal to the rest of society of the urgent need to act.

Pledge to deliver a sermon during the coming months in your community of faith. Youth are especially encouraged to join this effort and raise their powerful voices!

In solidarity with the 21 youth of Juliana v. U.S., I pledge to deliver a sermon that seeks Justice for #EachGeneration.

Sermon Tips

  • Tell the story of the youth. Prepare by reading profiles and articles about them. Watch as an 11-year-old plaintiff speaks at a press conference, as the lead plaintiff delivers a TEDx talk, and as another plaintiff speaks before a variety of audiences ranging from the United Nations to Real Time with Bill Maher.

  • Personalize the issue with reference to the children and youth in your community. Help people realize how their action or inaction today will affect those they know and love.

  • Frame your message as a matter of justice connected to the scriptures and values of your faith.

    “Intergenerational solidarity is not optional, but rather a basic question of justice, since the world we have received also belongs to those who will follow us.”—Pope Francis

  • Point to the hope your faith provides.

Updates and Resources

Check here for the latest updates on the case as well as resources provided by sponsoring organizations for those crafting sermons or liturgy.

June 27th Update: The Juliana plaintiffs have launched the #Congress4Juliana campaign to urge supporters to contact members of Congress and ask that they publicly support the plaintiffs.
June 23rd Update: 60 Minutes covers the lawsuit and interviews Kelsey Juliana and Levi Draheim, and Jayden Foytlin.
June 20th Update: “What’s Next for the Youth Lawsuit” by Fran Korten, Yes Magazine.

Creation Justice Ministries has issued an Earth Day resource for Christian congregations entitled “The Next Generation Rises.” It offers a biblical perspective on generational justice and discusses Juliana v. U.S.

Rev. Tracy Howe Wispelwey of the United Church of Christ has created liturgy for a worship service devoted to solidarity with the youth plaintiffs.

Peter Sawtell of Eco-Justice Ministries has reflected on the lawsuit and the significance of declaring a livable future as a right for coming generations.

The Institute for Youth Ministry at Princeton Theological Seminary has published a series of short articles designed for youth groups, Bible study groups, and church committees who are looking to jump-start a conversation on climate change. One of the contributions lifts up the Justice for #EachGeneration campaign.

The Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth has developed resources to the Justice for #EachGeneration campaign. Check out their toolkit along with a play written for youth to perform. In June, the UU Ministry for Earth went on a speaking tour with plaintiff Levi Draheim and blogged about the tour.

Sermon Campaign in the News:
E&E News published a story about the Justice for #EachGeneration sermon campaign. The article by Benjamin Hulac offers inspiring quotes and perspectives.

The Story of a
Mother and Son

Kiran and Melanie Oommen were an early inspiration for many people of faith in supporting the youth plaintiffs. Kiran is one of the 21 youth bringing the lawsuit, and he is the son of Melanie, an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ. Melanie writes with eloquence about the prophetic actions of the youth. She asks, “What does it look like to live hope when the very fate of our planet is at stake?”

In giving her own response, she declares, “In the enduring hope of those young plaintiffs, our God abides.”

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